Buddhism on Steroids?

In 1987, David 2016my life was completely transformed in nine days. An amazing new course was administered by only 3 staff members, and I was the 20th graduate.

I had previously resigned from the old Church of Scientology, that had become cold, corrupt, and had changed its focus to greed and power. I did come away with the magnificent state of “clear”, but that would be far outshone by the wonders that were about to unfold.

Those nine days helped me achieve a state of enlightenment that has given me a wonderful sense of peaceful aliveness, whenever I choose, for the rest of my life.

I learned to access the core of my being in ways that I could not have even imagined. I began to experience myself as a pure, unlimited, undefined awareness, as the creator of everything I experience in my life.

Beliefs I never knew I had were uncovered, and I changed many that had been ruining my life. I discovered things about myself and life that surprised and amazed me.

Many answers to the BIG questions in life became clear, because the understandings come from my heart, not from a book.

My beliefs became more fully under my control and I was given powerful tools that I can use to change any situation in my life into something that I like better.

With the new tools and awareness, I was ready to move on from my old life as a college dropout and floundering salesman and I picked a direction. I taught myself about computers. After working through a few textbooks and enough practice to know I could build a database system, I knocked on the doors of businesses and found my first client. I built them a system that was 5 times faster than the one they had before. The owner said I had not charged enough and paid me twice as much. During the next 18 years I grew as a professional database systems designer and programmer.

I don’t believe I could have accomplished all that without the Avatar® course.

At that time, there was only a small office in Emira, NY, so as I traveled the country I lost my connection with that group.

To continue to stretch my limits, and expand my horizons, I explored many other paths during the next 27 years.

The Lifespring basic and advanced courses shed some light on a few issues, but seemed trivial after Avatar.

Firewalking – barefoot on burning coals – was a very empowering experience.

After a few months of intense work (meditation, using the Avatar tools and note taking) on my relationship issues, I met my twin flame. Her presence in my life has added a new dimension of joy for the last 21 years.

Sweet Medicine Sundance teaching gave a refreshing new perspective on life and relationships. Quodoushka 1, 2, 3 and 4. Shamanic de-armoring went very deep and was the wildest ride of my life. I was extremely impressed with the medicine wheel as a philosophical and healing tool.

The HAI workshop in California was fun and revealing.

I found Emotional Freedom Technique to be very effective for healing.

Ho’oponopono is an amazing Hawaiian technique to heal all kinds of situations. It saved me from at least one traffic ticket.

Harv Ecker’s Enlightened Warrior and Wizard trainings were very intense, significant soul boosters and very valuable. I learned to tap into a deep inner resource, to be able to keep going when my body was screaming to stop.

DNA activation and initiation into a mystery school made my perceptions noticibly brighter and more vivid. I also experienced a new way of perceiving the divine.

Rebirthing provided some profound insights and experiences.

But nothing, until then, matched the power of Avatar which I reconnected with in Orlando in 2014. Since then it has got even better and grown to over 150,000 graduates around the world.

Warning: This course is not for everybody, because it requires the courage to look within and sometimes face images that may not be comfortable. It requires a vulnerability that a small percentage of people cannot handle.

This is a very powerful set of tools for personal improvement and greater awakening. Every time another person learns them, the world becomes a better place.

The best way to find out more is to click, download and read this free book: LivingDeliberately


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